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GoDaddy Online Store replaces Godaddy’s QuickShoppingCart and is a much easier to use e-commerce store builder. Some people might see the lack of features as limiting, but the platform is really designed for beginners, a for that reason, it might not compete with some of the higher end e-commerce platforms.

Check out my video for a walk-through of the GoDaddy Online Store and visit the link below for your free trial.


  1. Hi Ryan Just found your review of Godaddy basic shop review. Do you have a more detailed tutorial on the shipping settings? I cant figure out how to make it work for showing customers shipping cost for multiple items I can only get it to show cost for 1 item, not multiples of the same item. Do I need to use the weights of items for this to work. Please can you advise. Terry

  2. i have tried all ways to link the stripe website to go daddy they seem to of removed a couple of buttons to link like as shown in the video woud anybody be able to advise how to link stripe please as even godaddy havnt got a clue.

  3. I trialed the latest VNext GoDaddy online store, and all was good until I started adding category's and sub category's.
    There is a limit of 25 category's, so if you use the sub category,s as well, there is no way it is suitable for people that are using more than 25 category's in total.
    Cannot get a concrete answer from anyone at GoDaddy to why there is a limit placed like this
    Some say yes the 25 category's is correct while others told me there was a limit of 25 in the trial, but 1000 in the full package. I did sign up, only to be told by someone else at GoDaddy that the info given was incorrect.
    Have cancelled both the trial and the renewal and still looking for a suitable platform to use
    Have you any ideas on the problems I am having

  4. Hi
    All i need is a website that people pay via credit card or direct to my bank account and then they can down load an time saving Excel file
    Would you know what could i use please
    Thank you : )

  5. Information was great and everything I was looking for. Excellent. But what really made me subscribe was the closing music.. Whaaaat! Nice taste man

  6. Thanks for posting this video, it helped me alot. I plan to sell tshirts, how do I give people the option to select size and color for tshirts?

  7. all good things about godaddy here are fake stories.People please just google godaddy complaints and reviews you will see .very simple

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