Godaddy managed wordpress hosting review –

In this video I review Godaddy managed wordpress hosting. Godaddy has always been a good host except that they were a little backward in terms of WordPress hosting.
But with the managed wordpress hosting they have launched an amazing and affordable hosting solution for WordPress bloggers.

Some of the key benefits that I experienced since the time I switched over to them are as follows –
– faster page load times
– One click migration
– Superb support
– Unbeatable uptime
– Numerous premium themes

Their pricing is also unmatched and with the amount of storage and bandwidth they provide, they have no competition at all.

You can order your Managed WordPress Hosting from the below link –


  1. I went through a lot of the same problems.. I am in the process of going to GoDaddy (My Domain Registrar) for WordPress hosting. 24/7 Customer Support.. 1 touch everything. Security.. Everything is better.. Frequently with my other host, my site would be "parked" and forwarded to a Japanese porn site.. so not cool.

  2. anyone use godaddy managed wordpress
    how much physical memory and cpu we got from godaddy managed wordpress ultimate/developer

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