1. i have a domain at godaddy, when i click on hosting it says that i don't have a hosting plan. Any thought on why, how and which plan do you use…?

  2. Hi man, great video. Very helpful! Several questions:
    1. Is the password you used along the process should match the one you use on godaddy?
    2. Will you ever need to use again, once setup, the Roundcube interface and if yes, how do get there later and which login info do you use?
    Here are the important questions:
    3. How many aliases can you setup and how do you pick the one you want to use on gmail (after connecting them)?
    4. Will the customized address appear also when sending an email?
    Those are many questions and i hope it doesn't bother you too much 🙂 I would appreciate if you could please spare some time to answer… Much thanks!

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