cPanel beginner tutorial 3 – managing files in the file manager

In this tutorial, I upload my first file to the server and give an in depth explanation on how to use file manager in cPanel.

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In this tutorial series we’ll be learning how use the everyday tasks a web developer or webmaster needs to know. These tasks include managing files, MySQL databases, email accounts and more.

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  1. you're awesome! This was super simple and easy to follow and I successfully created a site. Thank you so much!

  2. So, I was hoping you could instill some of your wisdom to me…
    I created a webpage in Kompozer and I loaded it to cPanel. The website itself loads onto the internet but there's no pictures. It's with linux so I know it's case sensitive, so I tried both cases, but nothing seems to work. Here's an example of the code… background-image: url(IMAGES/enlargedsilver.PNG).

    Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for this useful information. I wanted to ask You, what if I don't have an index file but yet, I want to upload let's say a PDF file and make it downloadable? What would be the process for it to be achieved? Thanks again!

  4. Great video explaining how to manage files in cPanel. Having cPanel server and facing trouble to manage it is a troublesome issue. I bought cPanel server management services from cloudegg managed services. You can order it here for purchasing cPanel server management,

  5. Problem here, have purchased the domain and it's showing in cpanel and everything is coming in cpanel but when i try to load my website, there's the usual can't reach server error coming up even after adding a basic index etc.
    I have purchased it from and then hosted with the help of cpanel. How can I make it online atleast. It's like my website isn't registered but in cpanel it's showing

  6. ihade a frind set my site and in the file mager i cant find how t set my admin passord cuz i mess it up wen canged it canu help at all

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