Cloudways Review 2 Years Later & Cloudways Setup Tutorial – WordPress Cloud Hosting Provider

After personally using Cloudways for 2 years, here what my experiences have been, the service and support. Also learn how to setup Cloudways for yourself.

Do you want a fast WordPress hosting company that is also affordable?

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  1. Thank you Adam!! Please, I'd like to know why you prefer cloudways over kinsta. I'm about to upgrade from my current hosting (siteground) and not sure whether to choose cloudways or kinsta. I look forward your thoughts. Thanks again!

  2. #WOW Adom Amazing and deep knowledge Every time.
    I am from India.
    I am really the #fan of your knowledge, You tell great knowledge ever but others don't.

  3. Hello Adam, Thanks for your wonderful videos! 1. I am using cloudways too, but I have one major problem they can not solve. I work on an woocommerce site with 2000 products (but no traffic yet) and want to have several backups a day, even hourly. In theory this can be done via their control panel which is good. But every time a backup is taken the performance drops to almost zero for many minutes (the time the backup takes). I tried both cloudways' digitalocean as vultr servers, and tried the 1GB, 2GB and 4GB machines, but all have those problems, even the 4GB machine spikes to 60% and often 100% of cpu utilisation. I find out this is due to the duplicity backup software cloudways installs on our servers. Anyway I talked many times to cloudways, and the only suggestion they have to limit the backups to one per day which is not acceptable. I proposed them to run the backups not from the machines itself (which eats up almost all resources) , but to run the backup software from an external server, but they did not take this suggestion serious.
    Did you run into this problem too? If so, how did you solve this backup problem?

    2. Another thing, is it safe do push changes from the staging server to a live woocommerce server with ongoing traffic? If not, how can this problem be solved?

    3. Another problem that I have with woocommerce and cloudways is getting the varnish cache, the letsencrypt free ssl, and the cloudflare dns to work smoothly, this setup regularly breaks for some reason. Any experience or advise on this?

    Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks for the video. I have been looking at Cloudways for a while, but have not pulled the trigger. My concern is customer support, isn't it always. I agree with you on support, I have had great and terrible support from Siteground, InMotion, GoDaddy, BlueHost, you name it. On those hosts however, I can resolve probably 95% of issues that arise on my own. It will take me some ramp time to become familiar enough with this system to resolve some of my own issues. I also was not impressed with my initial contact with pre-sales support. You have my vote for additional videos on your setup. I may still give Cloudways a go.

  5. Ok, second comment. I notice a lot of comments about emails (and form integrations) this is the game changer for me too. To those with accounts could you share your experiences with this and i am interesting how this works with your clients, pricing, care plans etc.. Thanks in advance

  6. I am very interested in seeing the whole setup for emails, I have a site on a shared server with appointment forms which have their own apointment@ address, also there is an admin(for staff internally) and contact email for this site too… I am wondering how I would set this facility up with the email clients mentioned in this brilliant video. I have not jumped in yet and this is important and a new change for me. Anyone give me any pointers or even how they work with clients with Cloudways and email. Thanks for the Video Adam, looking forward to seeing more podcasts on Cloudways specifics. I started with your inmotion deal 2 years ago and now its time to MOVE ON UP ! 🙂

  7. Sorry to post this here but this is the only channel left to try to contact you! I contacted you from your business and personal websites as well as Linkedin regarding partnership but no reply since a month ago. Do you accept partnerships at the moment?

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  10. great info – thank you! I set up a trial the other week. I stumbled my way through but got a demo site up and running. I honestly didn't know what I did – this is a great explainer! Good effort with the on-screen drawing ; )

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