Siteground Web Hosting – The Complete Review &  C Panel Tutorial

Today I am introducing you to my favorite web hosting company Siteground and will be discussing all the wonderful features and services that they offer their clients and how you can use them.

3:08 – Siteground Hosting Packages
12:08 – Account Settings & Support
17:25 – Adding a new temporary website
19:30 – How to install WordPress
20:59 – Pinning Apps
22:10 – Exploring the Site tab (file manager, PHPmyadmin)
26:53 – Making Backups
28:20 – SSL Manager
30:43 – HTTPS Enforce
31:27 – Protected URLs
33:58 – Blocked IPs
34:19 – Site Scanner
35:35 – Cloudflare
40:22 – Caching
47:10 – WordPress Installations
47:47 – Staging Tool
54:00 – Migrator Tool
57:27 – Running Auto updates
59:05 – Parked Domains
1:00:37 – Creating Sub Domains
1:01:02 – Creating Redirects
1:02:34 – DNS Manager
1:03:20 – Creating Email Accounts
1:04:55 – Email Forwarding Service
1:05:20 – Email Autoresponders
1:06:11 – Email Filters
1:09:21 – Exploring the Statistics tab
1:10:40 – Exploring the Dev tab
1:11:50 – Managing your Websites
1:15:00 – Managing your Hosting Account
1:17:13 – Extras (Billing, Affiliate etc)
1:18:11 – Conclusion

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Deploy Websites In Seconds With Netlify

In this video I will show you how to deploy a website or frontend application to Netlify which is a fantastic service for hosting with free SSL, server-side functions and even built in form functionality. This video is NOT sponsored by Netlify in any way

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Bluehost Review and WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial Step By Step [NEW]

In this Bluehost review, I will show you the most important features of their WordPress hosting plans and how to install WordPress on Bluehost, step by step. 👉 Get WordPress hosting discount*:

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers recommended on, which is the official WordPress website.

34% of the web uses WordPress, and more than two million websites are using Bluehost.

Some of the best features of Bluehost when it comes to WordPress are the WordPress-centric dashboard, which walks you through an easy step by step process from start to finish along with the one-click installation tool.

The free domain name for one year is also a good reason for choosing Bluehost if you plan to start a new website.

You get very easy to use interface for creating and managing business email accounts too.

Also, you have FTP access, and the hosting service is easily scalable because it is backed by in house WordPress experts available 24/7.

Full WordPress website with Neve & Elementor:

Great resources and tools for WordPress:

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Create Website – Make Website with Home Web Hosting & SSL

How to create website and home web hosting for multiple websites, make website with free domain & SSL certificate, create website using XAMPP and WordPress

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Tutorial shows you, how to create a website and host it for free from home computer, step by step tutorial with testing and full explanation.
Main Steps to create and web host multiple websites from home computer using XAMPP server, simple PHP coding, HTML page and WordPress
You can skip steps using links under subtitles (but I strongly recommend to follow tutorial step by step to achieve full result and get full functional website)

Download and Install Useful Tools:

Download Notepad ++

Download and install Opera web browser, it comes with free VPN, so you can test website from another network

Download Opera with VPN:

1. Set a static local IP address for your server: 5:06

To host website from your home computer you should port forward special ports, so your server should have assigned a static IP address which is never changed.

2. Install Xampp server, Configure and secure Xampp: 7:19

Download XAMPP Server

You can use XAMPP server to create a local web server to test your websites, or as a live server to host websites on the Internet.

How to Change Port 80 and Port 443 in XAMPP Server

3. Get free domain names: 24:46

step 3 shows, how to get subdomain and domain name for free, from different websites.

First website to get free sub domain:

Second website to get free domain name:

I recommend second website Freenom, but both are free and comes with good options.

4. Change ‘localhost’ to a Domain Name, Setup virtual hosts on Xampp: 30:47

How to create temporary index.php files for your website. Redirect a static local IP address to domain name, using hosts file. How to create virtual host on XAMPP.

5. Point domain name to your server IP address, Port Forward Your Router: 42:55

This is one of the general step to web host your own website on home server, so you have to forward port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 SSL (HTTPS).

Helpful Guides for Port Forwarding:

6. Create simple PHP page, and Connect to MySQL Database, using PHP: 49:32

How to create simple PHP page, explanation of HTML tags, and some PHP codes.
How to connect index PHP page to MySQL database using PHP.

7. Download and install WordPress, manual WordPress installation with high security: 56:54

Download WordPress

WordPress can be installed on online web hosting services and also on local web servers.

Step 7 shows, how to install WordPress manually with high security.
Create a new user account with administrator rights.
Secure WordPress website by configuring wp-config.php file.

8. Get free SSL Certificate and install SSL Certificate on Xampp Server: 1:05:59

An SSL Certificate creates secure connection between website and a visitor’s web browser. SSL certificate makes all data transfer private and secure.

Step 8 shows, how to download free SSL certificate with three different ways from the following website (SSL For Free) and install SSL Certificate on XAMPP Server

Get free SSL Certificate for your website

1. Automatic FTP Verification
To get SSL certificate by automatic FTP verification you need FTP Server.

Install FTP Server on XAMPP – Install FileZilla Client

2. Manual Verification: 1:09:56

3. Manual Verification (DNS): 1:20:27

9. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: 1:28:22

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS for HTML website and for WordPress website using .htaccess file.

Download all Useful codes:

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This video-tutorial attempt to answer all below questions:

How to create website for free?
How to Create and Host Website from Home Computer?
How to Create website using XAMPP Server?
How to Create WordPress website?
How do you make a website using XAMPP and WordPress?
How to create own website?
How to Download and install SSL Certificate on XAMPP server?
How to Build Your Own WordPress website?
How to Make Your Own Website at Home for Free?
How to install WordPress on XAMPP Server?
How to Build Website with free SSL Certificate, free domain and web host from home?

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Free Website. Digitalocean Website Hosting Tutorial. How to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean.

Free Website. Digitalocean Website Hosting Tutorial. How to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean.
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Web Hosting Bangla Tutorial | Learn What is Shared Hosting – Reseller – VPS – and Dedicated Server ?

Web Hosting Bangla Tutorial Tutorial, Learn here more about web hosting and get web hosting tips.
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Google Domains Tutorial- How to Launch your Website, Business, or Lab

Name your website and launch your business or lab’s computer system with Google Domains! Google Domains is an easy cheap way to make professional websites. Using Jupyter io with Google Domains you we build a coding platform for your group in minutes. You can also use gsuite to give employees gmail and google docs.

*Tutorial Topics*

Introduction- 0:0
I introduce google domains and show how I use it to create professional domain names for my websites. It can also be used to give your employees google docs and excel with gsuite. For tech companies or labs you can then use io to create a computing system.

Set Web Domain- 1:32
I explained how to find a domain name. I then show how to attach your websites ip address to your domain name using DNS records. This involves setting up registers hosts and custom resource records.

Employees Gmail with GSuite- 5:42
You can use GSuite to give all of your employees a gmail account. This also gives everyone access to things like google docs, google calendar and google sheets (excel). This costs just $6 per each gmail account.

Set Jupyter io Computer System- 7:09
You can set your labs computer system so that every can code using Jupyter io. We set up Jupyter io on google cloud. Each person create a google cloud account and uses google compute engine to launch Jupiter io. In io you can program in any language (C++, Python, R, Java, Javascript). I explain the benefits using google versus creating a server for a computer system. Also, Google cloud is free for the first year!

io online- 13:13
io online makes it possible for everyone in your lab to stay connected and share their work. The io news rooms allows is a place were people can share their code and applications with everyone online. In seconds you can set you lab in io online so that you the work that other lab members are publishing. io online is built on top of a Github, the most popular platform for sharing open source code.

Conclusion- 15:59
I go over the costs of using google domains and Jupyter io on google cloud and show that it’s cheap for any individual, business, or lab. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

How to upload static website on hosting server | cpanel tutorial | domain setup | Hindi

Friends from this video you can learn this topic :
upload website to server, how to upload website on cpanel, how to upload html website in cpanel, cpanel admin tutorial in hindi, web hosting cpanel tutorial, how to buy a domain name, what is name server in hosting and more.

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Best And Cheap Web Hosting Service || Urdu Hindi Tutorial

Buy Best And Cheap Web Hosting service is video m ap ko hosting k bary m baton ga k ap kon se hosting ly skty hain aur reseller account kdr s ly skty hain to yeh video dkahin.

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