The Best Web Hosting Companies of 2018

There are many Hosting companies to choose from. I only recommend the best, fastest, most reliable and best support companies. Here is my honest review of the Leading competitors. Its important to choose a reliable Hosting Provider for your websites the first time.

#1 Siteground:
#2 A2 Hosting:
#3 Tmd Hosting:
#4 Hostgator:

Best and Cheapest Domains

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Web Hosting Companies Reviews 2018

Web Hosting Companies

Weclome to Top Web Hosting Reviews.

Top Web Hosting Reviews was created to help the everyday web master find the best web hosting company for his/her website. Our reviews are done manually and are open for comments by current and prior customers of the listed web hosting business. This blog puts extra effort into making these reviews fair and unbiased towards each hosting company we review. The purpose of this site is to review the top web hosting companies each year in the modern day hosting market

Choosing a web host guide.
Choosing the right web hosting provider is key to the success of your website. I have written this guide to help you decide on which host to go with. When choosing a host, you should consider the following key features: what their systems support, how reliable, how reputable, and how much?

A linux based host will almost always offer support for PHP, Perl, and MySQL. Most of the popular web scripts today run with a combo of PHP and MySQL. Be sure to check your script requirements before choosing the web host.
A windows web host will usually provide support for ASP, Cold fusion, and MsSQL. Usually people who choose a windows web host aren’t going to use the main stream web scripts available out there. The scripts they run are mostly custom made scripts designed specially for his/her website. Again, you will want to check the requirements out before deciding.

Host server reliability is a key requirement. If you plan to make any money off your website, being up at all times is crucial. If your website is down, you lose money. It is that simple. Look for a host that offers 99.5% + uptime SLA. While this won’t keep your site from going down, it forces your web host to continuously monitor their servers or else they will be refunding a lot of money to their customers.

Web Hosting Companies

Hostgator Review: Is Hostgator Good?

For info on Hostgator, go to and get 40% off your first year.

LIMITED TIME COUPONS for up to 60% off Hostgator hosting packages, head to

For hassle-free domain name ordering at Hostgator, check out

Having run a successful self-publishing business, I thought it was high time I address one of the most invaluable tools in a website. Gone are the days when we could simply whip together any old free website and expect to our business to grow much.

That’s why I thought I’d shine a spotlight on my web hosting service and domain name provider in Hostgator.

But, it ain’t all sunshine and roses, I assure you. That’s why today I’m giving my 100% honest thoughts in my Hostgator Review where I’ll address the question is Hostgator good?

Well to find out, watch this video!

What web hosting service do YOU use? Also, do you purchase your domain from the same provider as your hosting service? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.

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Best WordPress Hosting Review – 2017 | Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Best WordPress Hosting Review |

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plus those little more pricey managed WordPress web hosting packages, and the

best web hosting for WordPress overall We’ve listed best web hosting services you can safely use in 2017 and beyond
iWebsterr vs Justhost vs BlueHost vs Hostgator –

Who is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider in the UK
Therefore, we decided to make this article to tell you what is in our opinion the

best WordPress hosting 2016

What is the best WordPress hosting

Best Website Hosting Review Summary 2017
3 best wordpress website hosting companies that include free ssl certificates.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress hosting sites that will give you

precisely what you need as a WordPress user, whether you’re creating the site or

you delegate the task to a freelancer

, best wordpress hosting,

Best WordPress Hosting 2016, Recommended best wordpress hosting 2016,

What is best wordpress hosting 2016
Featured Cheap Web Hosting Service Reviews: HostGator Web Hosting Review 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services get the best wordpress web hosting and best web hosting companies in 2016 here.
Best Web Hosting 2017 loved by customers envied by the competition up to 20X

faster unlimited resources performance WordPress
how to choose the best hosting for wordpress: shared vs.

best wordpress web host website for 2017 – hear why!!!!
best wordpress website creation and hosting system with affiliate marketing!
learn how to choose the best wordpress hosting service in 2017..

top 3 best web hosting for wordpress (2016).

best web hosting for wordpress 2017 || best wordpress hosting 2017. are you looking for the best web hosting for your wordpress website or blog?
list of best wordpress hosting and their full review links :.
best wordpress hosting 2017- find wordpress hosting reviews and pick the best wordpress hosting service for your website needs. who is the best wordpress hosting firm in the uk?

best host for wordpress site.
2017 | best web hosting for wordpress | who has the best wordpress hosting.

Siteground Hosting Review – My Choice for Web Hosting

In this video I show you why I personally use Siteground Website hosting for my WordPress blogs. Visit my Blog to see a detailed review and to download my Web Hosting Resource Guide.

Siteground Review on my Blog:

Check out Siteground now:

YouTube Video:

– Siteground Review
– Siteground Hosting
– Siteground Hosting Review
– Siteground Hosting Review 2017
– Siteground Web Hosting
– Siteground Web Hosting Review
– Siteground Web Hosting Review 2017

Wix Review: See the Pros and Cons in This Video

To try Wix for free, click here:
Find a more detailed Wix review here:

Wix is the biggest website builder out there, used by more than 100m creators. But is it any good? This video shows you the strengths and weaknesses of the Wix website builder.

0:26 Pricing
0:41 Example Website
0:59 Editor
1:29 Adding a blog
1:50 Wix App Market
2:03 SEO settings
2:43 Preview Mobile Website
2:57 Conclusion – Pros and Cons

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment!

Angelfire Hosting Review

This is a review of the free Angelfire hosting. Back in 2001 I started my first website and used Angelfire since they host free websites.

C64 Site

Personal Blog

Website Design

Gaming Reviews

This is a very old school hosting service, but I hope you find it interesting as we take a “blast back to the past”

Thanks for watching

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The Top 5 Best Web Hosts of 2018 (The Top Web Hosting Companies of 2018!)

The top 5 best web hosts of 2018 are outlined in-depth in the video. Our criteria for this list was based on a few different factors including up-time, support, ease of use, and scalability. From that, we made our top 5 list. We hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more awesome content!

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About this video: This video is our look at the top 5 best web hosts currently on the market. We used some pretty in-depth criteria to form this list, and we think it is one of the best representations of the web hosting industry currently. There are literally hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies, and our goal with this video is to help you sort through all of the noise in this industry and find the top web hosting companies of 2018!

First on our list is Bluehost. Bluehost has been around for a very long time, and they come highly recommended not only by me personally, but other successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs. The reason for this is Bluehost is consistent. They very rarely have any downtime, and if they do, it is always mitigated within minutes. Their support is very quick to respond, and they are extremely helpful. In addition to this, Bluehost offers the best WordPress hosting packages out there with all new hosting packages bought through Bluehost having WordPress automatically installed.

Next on this list is SiteGround, and they are one of the cool, independent. hosts on this list. Great for hosting your WordPress site or your standalone, landing-page site, SiteGround offers a unique pricing structure that is actually based on traffic. This means you are getting high-quality service no matter what, and you only pay for the server space you need. There is no reason to pay for unlimited everything if you’re only getting 7,5000 hits/month on your site. SiteGround is the answer to that program.

Third on our list of the Top 5 Best Web Hosting of 2018 is iPage. iPage is another great WordPress host, and they are a direct competitor to Bluehost, even though they are owned by the same parent company. Because of this, all of their packages offer unlimited everything, and their prices start at just $3.95/month. Overall, iPage is one a great host and worth considering when looking for a place to host your site.

Coming in fourth on our list is inmotion Hosting. Inmotion is one the premier hosting companies on this list focusing a lot of their marketing on dedicated servers and websites that are getting more than 50,000 hits/month. With that being said, they do offer smaller hosting packages starting as low as $3/month for 10,000 visitors. The advantage to inmotion is they have lightning fast servers and incredible support!

Last on our list is 1&1 Hosting. 1&1 has always been the cheap option for web hosting as they offer the unique $.99/month hosting option. If you are looking to get your feet wet in the web hosting world, 1&1 is definitely the cheapest option to do it with. Keep in mind, however, you will sacrifice some server response time as well as support quality for this cheaper price!

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed this over you of the top web hosting companies of 2018. If you did, please like the video, leave a comment below, and subscribe to the channel for more awesome content at least 5 days/week!

Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites and make a purchase.

Hosting24 Review: Watch this First Before Buying Hosting24 Web Hosting!

Hosting24 Review: Is Hosting24 Good or Not for Web hosting? My Opinion!

This hosting24 review goes in detail and tells everything you need to know before getting started with Hosting24 web hosting services in my opinion. One of my personal blogs is currently hosted with hosting24 hosting and I have been very satisfied with their web hosting services.

Based in Europe with servers in North Carolina, USA, hosting24 has been serving customers since 2004. Starting at $3.99/month they offer many features such as cpanel, file manager, wordpress, drupal, joomla, seo marketing tools and more.

I have used hosting24 web hosting for a couple of years and think that they are a great simple web hosting for all.

When you are using the hosting24 login, you will notice that the hosting24 cpanel is very similar when compared to other web hosts like Bluehost, Hostgator. It’s very user friendly.

For more details on the features of hosting24 web hosting, visit:

Flywheel managed wordpress hosting review- Best managed WordPress hosting for designers

Flywheel: The best managed WordPress hosting for web designers, web developers and agencies:

Get Flywheel:

In this video I review Flywheel and explain why I think it’s the best managed WordPress hosting for web designers and agencies.

• Everything is taken care of for you
• Your site gets its own dedicated resources
• Managed hosting is lightening fast
• Top-notch website security features
• Great customer support
• Easy, stress-free work flow for you and your clients

BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2018 – My Honest Review with Discount Link

Bluehost :

Active your coupon code:

Bluehost is among the top hosting providers that offer one of the cheapest domain registration (free) and hosting services when combined with our special coupon. It’s a quite affordable hosting (atleast if you claim our coupon) and dependable in giving all kinds of services for a wide variety of investors including service providers, entrepreneurs, and other website owners. Lots of top-tier online marketers and bloggers highly recommend Bluehost.

With the rising number of companies giving web hosting services, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the best service provider. It doesn’t matter the kind of business you’re running; proper web hosting plan is a key factor to consider. Choosing the ideal company to host services requires adequate market research to establish the kind of hosting requirements that a company will have. The best step to take, therefore, is to read credible reviews from various customers and then try to find coupon codes to save a few bucks. Concerning premium web hosting services, many companies fall short of meeting the right standards. However, Bluehost beats all others by keeping the standards a priority. Bluehost controls over 2 million websites the world, they have been a market leader for ten years now.

Bluehost Coupon Code 2018 Hosting Discount + Free Domain Name
Link to get your exclusive Bluehost Discount:…

In this video, we provide you with a Bluehost Coupon Code that gets you a huge hosting discount + a free domain name. You don’t need to do anything to get this discount. Just click the link above or below to get the discount as it is automatically applied.

Link to get your exclusive Bluehost Discount:

Summary of this video:

How To Use Bluehost Coupon Code

To start off, you want to make sure you visit Bluehost via this link to get your Bluehost discount – Link to get your exclusive Bluehost Discount:

You will get a huge Bluehost web hosting discount + a free domain name. You don’t need to do anything else to activate this Bluehost coupon code. It will automatically apply when you are checking out.

From the Bluehost page click the green get started button that you see at the top of the page.

The next page you want to select your plan. You will see three different plans that you can choose. A basic, plus, and prime plan. Once you find the plan that works best for you click the green select button to go to the next page.

You will now be on a sign up now page, and this is where you will enter the domain name that you would like to get.

The next page is the create your account page where you will input your account information, package information, and payment information.

You will notice the longer you purchase Bluehost hosting for the cheaper the price and the better discount you will receive. Next, you will see Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart, and SiteLock Security. These services are entirely optional. You will see under Savings the amount of money you are saving and right under it; you will see the total price for the Bluehost web hosting listed.

The last step is to fill out the payment information. Now just click submit. You have successfully purchased your discounted Bluehost web hosting with your free domain name discount.

We hope this Bluehost Coupon Code 2018 was helpful. Enjoy your Bluehost discount!

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