GoDaddy Website Builder Review: Does GoDaddy have what you need?

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Whether you’re creating a business website or a personal online space, GoDaddy offers a template to make your site stand out from the pack. Expert Ryan Bowman is here with a GoDaddy website builder review to explain the pros and cons of using GoDaddy to design a website from scratch.

GoDaddy offers a website builder for use with a domain name that you’ve already purchased, such as You begin the design process by choosing a template, of which there are hundreds. GoDaddy lets you filter templates by category, making it simple to narrow down the field and select a template that matches your brand.

As Ryan explains, the GoDaddy interface is clean and intuitive, and it’s easy to drag around the toolbar as you personalize your site with widgets. What’s more, if you choose to add photo or video elements to your website, you can also drag and drop those to the location of your choice.

One potential pitfall for users of the GoDaddy website builder, as Ryan points out, is that there is no built-in blog. Still, the platform does allow you to add a blog app. Also, using the layers function of the website builder may prove tricky for a novice. Despite the resulting learning curve, however, layering makes it possible to incorporate lots of multi-media elements and graphics within a site.

The GoDaddy website builder is an affordable choice that has been evolving for years. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, now is the time to give the platform a chance!

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Godaddy Online Store – Ecommerce Simplified

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GoDaddy Online Store replaces Godaddy’s QuickShoppingCart and is a much easier to use e-commerce store builder. Some people might see the lack of features as limiting, but the platform is really designed for beginners, a for that reason, it might not compete with some of the higher end e-commerce platforms.

Check out my video for a walk-through of the GoDaddy Online Store and visit the link below for your free trial.

GoDaddy cPanel Hosting Review

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Or call them directly using the phone number on their website by following the link above. Their customer service will help you with your questions. – They will even help you set everything up if you have any issues. …and the price is right too!

BlueHost Review – BlueHost vs LiquidWeb vs DigitalOcean vs GoDaddy vs HostGator vs 1and1 vs JustHost

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