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Godaddy Hosting Review & Tutorial 2017: Cheap WordPress Web Hosting Review 1

This Godaddy review video will attempt to answer the question of, “is Godaddy good?” from the perspective of a customer. Most web hosting review videos only give opinions… so I chose to take a more ANALYTICAL approach for you!

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I. Host Background – 0:33 – 1:11
II. Load Speed Tests – 1:11 – 3:14
III. Customer Support Tests – 3:14 – 4:02
IV. Uptime Percentage – 4:02 – 5:09
V. Pricing – 5:09 – 7:49
VI. Freebies – 7:49 – 8:44
VII. Features & C Panel – 8:44 – 11:00
VIII. Knowledge Base – 11:00 – 12:13
IX. Outro – 12:13 – 12:50


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godaddy hosting any good ? – godaddy hosting review 2013

godaddy hosting any good ? – godaddy hosting review 2013
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Web hosting users all around the world will agree with us, when saying that GoDaddy Hosting is one of the biggest companies in this industry. Since they started their activity, back in 1997, they have been offering quality services and various types of products. The entire activity of Godaddy Hosting has actually been filled with good feed-backs from happy customers, satisfied of their reasonable priced hosting plans, high level of customer assistance and quality performance.

GoDaddy Hosting is servicing business website customers all over the world, and they do it without outsourcing anything. Their entire activity is managed from Arizona, USA, from the company’s headquarters, and they have data centers in Asia, Europe and of course USA.

Lets explore some of the details of GoDaddy Hosting’s data centers features. Along with the usual 99,9% up-time top web hosting providers offer, enhanced level of security system for fire and water damage, they have top-notch technology for routers, for servers and for firewalls. They have non-stop security staff available, plus high class equipment for restricting access on each of their data center location. Protection of data is very important in this industry and GoDaddy Hosting is making it possible, with advanced and complete protection solutions for all of the customers.

Now that we have covered a very important aspect, security, let’s move on to other benefits GoDaddy Hosting has to offer to any website owner. First promise they make when advertising their offer is they don’t have any of those nasty and non-ethical hidden fees. Every information pricing quote they are sending out is real, and contains all fees a customers will have to pay when registering. Also user friendly characteristic is very important, especially for first time users, which is very helpful. You don’t need a lot of experience you might think to get in business with such a large web hosting provider like GoDaddy Hosting.

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Godaddy Reviews | Godaddy Website Builder Reviews | Get Huge Discount Now!
Godaddy Reviews Godaddy Website builder reviews

GoDaddy Hosting Review: Is It Better Than Others?

By Yasir Saeed
Expert Author Yasir Saeed

Company Introduction: GoDaddy is one of the oldest website hosting company offering quality & affordable solutions since 1997. While having a chit-chat session with his friends, Bob Parsons came up with an idea of creating a company by the name of GoDaddy. It currently hosts more than 45 million domains and is an ICANN accredited company. With a rating of A+ on BBB, the company has very well managed to provide great level of customer satisfaction. Read the full review here.

Established: The company came into existence in 1997 with over 2,000 customer support staff.

Services: GoDaddy provides quality & affordable website hosting solutions and services including VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting and reseller hosting.

Customer Support Services: The company has a dedicated staff of over 1,500 experienced customer support representatives that are always ready to assist you with any problem. You can contact GoDaddy via email, live chat and toll-free number. My personal experience states that the average time for complaint resolution is not more than 24 hours.

Hosting packages and plans: The packages are quite affordable. The basic plan starts at $4.24/month & the Unlimited Package starts at $8.49/month. The VPS and dedicated plans are expensive but the quality of services is truly unmatched as compared to other web hosting companies.

Features: All packages include unique features such as the ability to easily install popular CMS platforms. The best part is that you have a choice to select from Windows or Linux hosting on all hosting plans including shared packages. Have a look at all of the features below:

Windows & Linux hosting
Google AdWords credits
Facebook Marketing credits of $50
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL databases
Integration of, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and CMS platforms
$3.95 per month for dedicated IP
Free website builder by the name of Website Tonight
99% server uptime guarantee
Affordable pricing plans
24/7 custom support services
SEO & Search Engine Submission services

The server speed for a website hosted on shared environment is reasonable, but not very fast.

Conclusion: GoDaddy advertises their products via hot models in a creative manner. It is one of the biggest companies in the world and has high quality customer support services. Unfortunately the server speed wasn’t what I was really expecting. My personal experience states that GoDaddy is a reliable company for your entire hosting needs.

Reading website hosting reviews is a critical step in making an important decision about your site’s hosting server.

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