SiteGround Vs GoDaddy WordPress Hosting (In-Depth Comparison)

I compare SiteGround vs GoDaddy WordPress web hosting and cover the most important categories you should consider when making a decision.
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Can the smaller, lesser-known SiteGround compare with the brand name, resource empowered GoDaddy?

I try my best to do an apples-to-apples comparison in multiple categories based on the information I can find on both websites, as that is generally the only information most people have at hand when making a decision.

The first category is support. In my opinion, it is the most important thing to consider when choosing a hosting service. Some point during your time online, something will go wrong and when it does you want to have support reps that are available, responsive, and will resolve your issue in a timely manner. You’ll see how SiteGround compares to GoDaddy in the support area where we look at the different options for contacting support staff and their availability.

Then it’s on to speed. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so the longer you make your visitors wait for your page to load, the less likely they will have a good experience and want to return. The foundation of a fast website is the hardware capabilities of the server it’s being hosted on. What we’re looking for here is specifications and technology that tell us the servers are able to perform at fast speeds.

After that, you’ll see a comparison between the features that both hosting companies provide. I first go through the features that they both have in common, then cover what each has that the other doesn’t. This could be a game-changer if one company has something important to you that the other doesn’t.

I also like to take a look at what other people are saying about GoDaddy and SiteGround. It’s one thing to look at their websites and see what they say about themselves and another thing to hear what actual users of their services are saying. So I take a look at a couple of polls done by a WordPress Facebook group which compares a bunch of different web hosting companies. I’ll show you where each of these ranks in relation to each other and the other hosts in the poll.

And lastly, I cover pricing. Nobody likes to overpay for services, so I take a look at the prices of similar plans from each web hosting company to see which one give you the most bang for your buck when you include the same features. This overview also reveals a trick hosting companies will use to get you to pay more than what their competitors offer.

Godaddy vs Namecheap Who's Win

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How to Make a Website in 5 mins with Godaddy

Start here ➜

Check price of your domain here :

Watch how you can make a website using godaddy website builder – in 5 simple steps

Steps you need to follow (with timestamp):

1)Create an account in godaddy (00:24)
2)Choose your website category (00:59)
3)Edit your preview site (01:50)
4)Change your website design (05:09)
5)Publish your site (05:44)

We are going to create our website by following these 5 steps using
Go daddy

So, Let’s get started

Step 1) Create an account in godaddy

First, you need to go to and then click start for “free”
Now, enter your login details to create your account in go-daddy.

After creating your account. Now, let’s go to next step.

Step 2) Choose your website category & name your site.

Choose the type of website which you want. so let’s say you want a photography website, just type photography.

Now, you will see more categories related to photography. so,just select the category which you want.
As soon as you select the category, you will get the website you want.

Once you got your website, you can name your site as you want.

Say for an example : My photography site.

After naming your site, click ‘ continue’ to move to the next step.

Step 3) Edit your website.

Once you got your website, you can edit your site by reaching the editing section

You can edit anything on your site by clicking on it and changing it from the editing section.

So let’s say you want to change any text on your site, you can change it by clicking upon the text and changing it in the editing section.

You can also
Add or remove contents to your site

You can edit any page of your website by same way. Now, if you want to add new pages to your site.

Add new pages to your site.

You can do that by Just going to pages and click ‘add’ and then enter a page title and click ‘create page’ to add new page to your website.

So, this how you you can edit your site.

4) Changing your website design

Now, to change the design, Just go to ‘home’ and then go to ‘theme’.

Now you can pick any design over there and it’ll be applied to your site.

So, once you have done all the changes to your site, you can go to the final step

5) Publish your website

Before publishing your site, you may notice that your website ends with

Now if you’d like to have your website name like

You can get your own domain name, from godaddy.

By clicking this link:

once, you have got your domain. Just go back to the preview area and click ‘use my domain‘ to choose your the domain name which you have purchased from Godaddy and click ‘publish’

Once you published your site, click ‘view site‘

Now your website appears, On the new domain name.

Now as we’ve created this site for free, It’ll be LIVE on the internet for the next 2 weeks.

Now, if you want to keep this site live for the next 1 year.
You can purchase a hosting plan from godaddy.

So to get a hosting plan, Just go back to the preview area and then click ‘view plans’

Now choose a plan from here, to keep your site, for the next 1 year.

So after you’ve got your domain & this plan, You’re site will be live, for the next 1 year.

Godaddy hosting review | Godaddy reviews 2019 | Godaddy website builder review |

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Godaddy hosting review :

GoDaddy is probably the best-known actor in the world of web hosting – considered the world’s first domain registrar and the first web host. They make it incredibly easy and affordable to select and purchase domain names and register for their shared web hosting packages.

As the world’s first domain name registrar, GoDaddy offers very attractive domain name prices and many promotional offers are regularly launched on the web.If you sign up for one of their annual hosting plans, GoDaddy will include your domain name at no additional cost.

#GoDaddy has a 24/7 security monitoring system and DDoS protection to protect your site from hackers and malicious robots.

Ensuring the security of a website is a full-time job that should be left to the experts. Fortunately, GoDaddy has a dedicated security team to keep an eye on your site and your server.

GoDaddy offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and offers a good service that is perfect for webmasters looking for a reliable hosting solution. With their website scanner tool, proven virus protection and continuous monitoring of their servers, GoDaddy ensures you run your site smoothly with minimal interruptions.

GoDaddy has long been the ideal solution for beginners who are new to web hosting. Their newly launched and simplified interface, the installation of simple 1-click applications, and the quality support make it one of the no.1 shared hosting solutions on the web.

GoDaddy offers a good variety of configurations and plans and packs in subscription with significant discounts for current subscriptions on 12/24 or 36 months, and regular specials!GoDaddy’s packs are cheap … but of rather mediocre value when you look at the features you actually get compared to some other competitors.
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How to Renew Domain and Hosting from Namecheap or GoDaddy || Review Again

How to Renew Domain and Hosting from Namecheap or GoDaddy || Review Again
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How to buy Web Hosting from Godaddy | Explained in Hindi

After making a website, everyone try to find How to buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting so that they can upload their website to online Server. There are so many Hosting Providers available in Market but in this Video I will explain you how to purchase Domain & Hosting from Godaddy, which is one of very popular Hosting Provider. Getting a Domain and web hosting from Godaddy is very simple. If you want to know deeply What is Domain name and Web Hosting, How to make connection with Domain and Hosting, How to publish Website to Online Server then this Video tutorials Series is totally for you because I have cleared all your doubts in this Series.

I will explain you step by step so follow these Hindi tutorials.

1. How to buy/Purchase Domain Name from Godaddy
2. How to buy/Get Web Hosting from Godaddy
3. How to Connect Domain and Hosting
4. How to Upload a Static Website on online Server of Godaddy
5. How to Publish a Dynamic Website on Online Server

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GoDaddy Website Options – Design, Hosting, DIY Builder, etc…

Search and Buy Domain on GoDaddy:

Godaddy Website Builder Review:

GoDaddy Online Store Review:

LiquidWeb Affiliate Link:

GoDaddy sell domains. We all know that. But what about their options for building and hosting websites like their standard hosting plans, GoCentral Website Builder, Online Store, and their web design services. In this video, I go over the different options they currently offer so you can make sense of all that Godaddy offers.

GoDaddy Reseller Program – An Overview

With the Web Reseller Program, you can make money selling Web Resell products – right from your own website and under your own brand. For more information, visit

You work hard helping your clients succeed. But did you know that you can provide even better services for them – and make more money doing it – by joining the Reseller Program?

As a reseller, you’ll sell WebResell products to your customers – right from your own website and under your brand.

You choose which products you want to sell so you can offer your clients exactly what they need – and control your commissions by setting your own markups, rates and promotions.

The program allows you to use our pre-built, mobile-optimized and customizable storefront. But if you want more advanced capabilities, our WordPress plugin lets you build your own storefront, complete with WebResell domain search result functionality and payment processing.

We also offer great promotions on WebResell products to help you drive sales.

All reseller plans include automatic delegation into customer accounts so you can make purchases and manage products on your customers’ behalf.

You can process payments with a white-label version of the Web Resell cart – no need to set up a merchant account. And robust reporting helps you keep track of everything.

Need help? We offer dedicated customer support for both you and your customers – around-the-clock. Support for your customers is white-label, and the reps will even upsell products on your behalf!

Take your business to the next level.

Sign up to become a today.

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Review (2019)

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Review (2019)
✅ Hosting Discount Here :

Either you are looking for some hosting service to bring your business online, or you are a newbie to the web designing world; that is why your search directed you to this page. Well!

The market is loaded with a variety of hosting service providers and beginners may often get confused about selecting one. The best idea is to go through the detailed review or get audience opinion about features and pricing of different hosting service providers.

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Here we are going to talk about Bluehost and GoDaddy; two top rated web hosting services that are serving clients all over the world. But those who are little confused about whether they should go ahead with GoDaddy package or try Bluehost are advised to go through the detailed comparison below. It will help you to decide the best choice for bringing your business online.

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost – General Overview:

GoDaddy is well known as the world’s most powerful and trustworthy domain name registrar that is serving millions of website owners around the world. Reports reveal that it owns biggest cloud space for independent individuals, small and big enterprises. GoDaddy founded by Bob Parsons in the year 1997, and today it provides web hosting services and web builder integration along with domain name services.

Bluehost is another cloud-based web hosting service provider that offers many tailored packages for individuals and business owners. Consumers can either choose to work on US servers or buy packages for their own servers to enjoy faster speeds for websites. With its advanced control panel and consumer-friendly interface; Bluehost has helped many new age entrepreneurs to build a strong brand reputation online.

Pricing – GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Both these hosting service providers offer a wide range of plans; the list includes standard, business, pro, economy, deluxe and ultimate as well. Users can choose any of these depending on their personal needs. The starter packages of both these service providers are suitable for those customers who are interested in hosting only one website. You cannot expect high performance for those who need more resources. However, the high-end plans offer unlimited storage, multiple email accounts, large bandwidth and many domains as well.

Although Bluehost offers you many discount coupons along with its 30 days money back guarantee; but there is no competitor to the $1 hosting plan of GoDaddy. It is the best offer for all beginners around the world.

Performance – GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Performance of a website is rated in terms of uptime and loading speed. Ideally, a website must open in a fraction of seconds, and it must stay active all the time. Well! Both these hosting service providers promise 99.9% uptime; however, if we look at the customer reviews, people are more satisfied with the speed and performance of GoDaddy.

Usability – GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Most of the business owners these days are interested in creating a healthy online appearance. They want reliable and trustworthy services to create websites online. GoDaddy makes this task quite easier for all beginners as it allows users to ensure one-click installation for WordPress platform. There is no need to learn typical coding languages; you can start building your website with simple drag and drop tools. On the other side, Bluehost offers compatibility with almost all the open source scripts available in the market; users reveal that it allows them to manage all elements of their website at one place. We must say that both these hosting serving providers have a tie in terms of usability.

Customer Support Service – GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

But the waiting time for Bluehost is observed to be more as compared to GoDaddy. The support team at GoDaddy is always ready to entertain your issues on priority so that you can stay out of all the troubles. So, after reading these details, the decision to choose any one of these is all yours!


In case if you have some second thoughts in your mind, we advise you to go ahead with GoDaddy to ensure peak performance of your website. Although we cannot say that Bluehost doesn’t deliver satisfactory services but when you are more concerned about building a brand reputation online; it is important to choose a highly reliable and trustworthy service provider for website hosting. Moreover, the GoDaddy managed WordPress packages can help you build your own website at low cost while ensuring full customization.

Good luck with getting your business online! Hope, you will soon be able to target audience interests in the potential market.

Why you shouldn’t use Godaddy, SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, or Shopify!

In this video, I will walk you through reasons why these & other similar companies lie to you from the start.
8+ Tips for starting a great business website.

Watch short videos of this (with SPECIAL TIPS in description for each video NOT HERE). These videos will help you with your online business growth.

0:11 Intro (What this video is about)
0:30 What you need to know about these services
7:40 Graphics, Photos or Images & Videos
9:56 Content Writing
11:30 Domains & Hosting
12:20 SSL Certificates
14:04 Templates & Customization
15:40 Support (for templates)
16:30 HTML vs WordPress vs Other
17:44 Pricing & other costs
19:24 Service Support
23:40 PICK TWO of the THREE
26:26 Advice
26:56 Re-Design
28:12 Client Duties & Responsibilites
30:44 Final thoughts
31:24 Ending

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Godaddy Review

In this Godaddy Review, we look into the company’s plans, website speed tests, and comparisons against the other hosting companies in the industry
Here’s Why Godaddy is a highly respected company

Easy to Use with Professional Design Themes – GoDaddy builder has a very intuitive user interface, so you won’t get overwhelmed with a lot of useless bells and whistles. All their tools are drag & drop (such as inserting images, slideshows, contact forms, etc), so you can position them any where on your website without any restrictions.GoDaddy also gives you over 300 professional looking templates, all pre-populated with content so it makes it easy for you to build out your website (this is exceptionally helpful if you don’t know where to start!) You just have to replace their pre-populated content (such as text and images) with your own and you’re ready to go. If you want to adjust the design and layout, it’s quite easy as you can just drag content around or add new pages. The user interface is smooth and easy to use.

24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat and Email Support – GoDaddy has a good reputation for providing very strong support to its customers. When we say “strong”, we mean you can pick up your phone, call them any time and they will actually answer! Their website will show you how long it takes before you get through to them, and in our experiences the average is about 5 – 10 minutes which is really good.You can also engage in live chat, or if you’re not in a huge rush, you can submit a support ticket (email) in which they will get back to you in about 10 to 15 hours. So if you’re in a bit of a rush, phone support or live chat. As far as website builders go, GoDaddy has the best support system available to you.

Create Backup Points & Restore Function – GoDaddy website builder allows you to create backup copies of your website whenever you want. So you can save multiple copies / versions of your website, just in case if you make a mistake and want to restore to a previous version of your website.This is a very powerful function that no other website builders offer, and can come in very handy to you if you accidentally saved some changes that you didn’t intend to. You can save multiple versions of your website so you’re not restricted to restoring only the most recent version. Backups are important, we’ve all felt the pain of not having that option! Thank you for watching this godaddy review

😎😎Bluehost vs. Godaddy Review of 2019!😎😎

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If your site has over 1k visitors a day, I recommend WPX Hosting:

Looking for 2019’s best Bluehost vs GoDaddy Review? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this video I’ll explain what I like about Bluehost and GoDaddy , whether its uptime claim of 100% is accurate or not, and I’ll give you a walkthrough of my Bluehost and GoDaddy account so you can see how it looks without needing to set up an account yourself.