Install WordPress using cPanel | GoDaddy

Interested in using WordPress to create a blog or website? This video will show you how to install it on a hosting account that includes cPanel. Visit: or

Interested in using WordPress to create a blog or website? This video will show you how to install it on a hosting account that includes cPanel.

Not sure what cPanel is or if you have it?

If you bought a GoDaddy hosting plan for Linux – as opposed to a hosting plan for Windows –then you have cPanel.

It is essentially a dashboard to help you manage aspects of your hosting account, including files, settings, and applications like WordPress.

To get to your cPanel dashboard, sign in to your GoDaddy account and click My Products.

In your products list, locate Web Hosting, and then click Manage.

You’ll see a listing of all your hosting accounts and domain names.

In this example, Jane has just one: Notice that “cPanel” appears under the Manage button.

Click Manage to open cPanel.

This is the cPanel dashboard. Now we can install WordPress.

Under Web Applications, click WordPress.

Installatron opens to an Overview page about WordPress. You don’t need to spend any time here unless you’d like to learn more about WordPress.

Let’s keep going and click ‘Install this application.’

The Installatron install wizard will guide you through the installation of WordPress. It provides instructions and helpful information about each field. Here are few important things to remember.

First, in the Location section, be sure the domain you want to install WordPress on appears in the Domain field.

In our example, Jane has only one domain so it automatically appears in the Domain field. If Jane owned other domains or had created subdomains, they would appear in the dropdown menu.

Next, leave the Directory field empty if you want to use WordPress as the website for the domain you selected. Not sure what that means?

Let’s say Jane types “blog” in the Directory field. WordPress will be installed on, and that will be the web address for the page or site she creates with WordPress.

But then later Jane decides she wants to build a full website for her business and she wants the web address to be

She’ll need to either re-install WordPress on – or move or copy the WordPress installation to her domain.

Finally, in the Settings section, you’ll see that an Administrator Username and Administrator Password are provided. Be sure to note them, or change them to something you will remember.

When all the fields and options are set the way you want them, click Install.

That’s it! Now you can start creating with WordPress. For help using WordPress, click the link in the details below this video.Go

Registering a Domain Name With GoDaddy 2017

If it’s your first time registering a domain all the options and up-sell can get a bit confusing. In this video I’ll take you through all the options on GoDaddy when you’re buying your domain name so that you can make informed decisions about what you’re signing up for.

If you’ve got any other questions let me know in the comment guys and I’ll do my best to answer time.

Thanks for watching!

Install WordPress on Addon Domain 2017 – Godaddy

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. I make awesome tuts, so tip me maybe?

I’ll show you how to Install WordPress on Addon Domain in Godaddy and Cpanel. It won’t take long!

A video explaining how to set addon domain in Godaddy:

1. Login to Godaddy account
2. Find Cpanel
3. At the top you should see “Installatron”
4. Switch the tab to “Application Browser”
5. Search for WordPress
6. Press “Install Application”
7. Fill in the form and include the domain you want to setup WordPress on.
8. Once you’ve filled the form, press install at the bottom of the page
9. Once Installation is done, your domain has WordPress!

How to find Cpanel:
You’ll find more tutorials here:
GoDaddy’s Website:

Godaddy Cpanel Tutorial For Internet Marketers 2017 – Best Hosting Option For Online Marketers

Here is a Godaddy Cpanel tutorial for online marketers updated for 2017. I cover which hosting option you should go with if you want to start online marketing. I show you how to add your domain name in the godaddy cpanel and how to view them within the file manager. I also touch on how to setup WordPress and install it for your website.

If you have any questions or video ideas please leave it in the comments or email me at

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How to Make a WordPress Website with Godaddy – NEW + UPDATED!

This is the latest and greatest updated video on how to make a wordpress website with godaddy – 2016.
Demo website:
Text tutorial:

If you like this free version (which we use in this tutorial), you might love the premium Sydney theme:
(you do not need to buy this but might want to for the additional functionality it offers)

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Addon Domain in Cpanel 2017 – Godaddy

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. I solve problems, so tip me maybe?

I’ll show you how to setup addon domain in Godaddy in 2017. It’s easy to host multiple websites on one hosting account in Godaddy, and can be accomplished in few minutes.

To host multiple domains, you will need to check that your subscription includes option for multiple domains. Godaddy Deluxe & Ultimate plans include unlimited amount of addon domains.

Addon Domain will be setup through Cpanel, so it will work on most other hosting services such as hostgator and

In addition, I’ll show you how to test that the domain is correctly setup.

How to install wordpress on addon domain:

GoDaddy’s Website:

Addon Domain in Cpanel on Godaddy:
1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
2. Click “Manage” Web Hosting.
3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
4. In the Cpanel menu, scroll down, until you see domains
5. Click Addon Domain.
6. Enter the domain name in the Domains field.
7. (Optional) Create a new FTP account
8. Click on Add domain.

How to find Cpanel:

You’ll find more tutorials here:

Html code to test that everything works (Youtube doesn’t allow to paste html code here so grab the file from google drive):

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below, I will be glad to help. I hope you liked this tutorial!

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Como Comprar un Dominio por $1 en GoDaddy – 2017

En este video enseño un truco para que adquieras un dominio .com en GoDaddy por el bajo precio de $1. Normalmente comprarlo cuesta $12, pero con este método podrás hacerlo con un 95% de descuento.
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