What are Domain Auctions? | GoDaddy

Domain auctions are a great place to go to buy expiring domains or domains that are up for sale. This video gives an overview of the GoDaddy process. Become a GoDaddy Auctions member at: www.godaddy.com/auctions/domain-auctions

Welcome to “What are domain auctions?”

You know about online auctions, but have you heard about domain auctions?A domain auction is a marketplace for domain buyers and sellers.

Domains are more than just web addresses — valuable ones are like online real estate. And memorable domains or those that rank high in search engine results can grow in value over time.

Usually when a domain expires, it is sold at auction. An owner of an active domain can also put their domain up for sale.

And, just as bidding wars can erupt in online auctions over a rare baseball card, a domain name that is considered valuable can generate a ton of interest at a domain auction.

At GoDaddy Auctions, buyers can monitor domain auctions, in real time, from their desktop or by using a mobile app. Buyers can place bids right from their phones.

Sellers have a number of options when putting their domain up for sale. GoDaddy Auctions offers products to make your domain name more visible to buyers. Sellers can determine their preferred pricing strategy using a time fixed auction, wait for offers to come to them, or set a buy now price to sell quickly.

And everyone who participates in GoDaddy Auctions is protected by stringent fraud prevention standards to ensure a fair and open marketplace.

To learn more about buying and selling domains at GoDaddy Auctions, click the link at the end of this video.

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GoDaddy Office 365 Email Setup in Outlook 2016 (Windows) | GoDaddy

Learn how to set up your GoDaddy Office 365 email account in the Microsoft Outlook 2016 email client. To learn more about using Microsoft Office 365 through GoDaddy visit https://www.godaddy.com/business/office-365?

Welcome. This video explains how to set up your GoDaddy Office 365 email account in the Outlook 2016 client on Windows.

Everyone who has an Office 365 email account through GoDaddy can access it through webmail on any internet-connected browser by logging in to their webmail account.

However, if you want to access your email on the Outlook 2016 desktop client, there are a few set up steps you’ll need to do.

Not quite sure what the difference is between webmail and client-based email? To find out, click the video link at the end of this video.

The instructions in this video are specific to Microsoft Outlook 2016 on a Windows computer. If you have an earlier version of Outlook, the steps should be very similar, provided you use the default menu and have not switched to the classic menu.

Let’s get started. First, locate the Outlook application on your Windows desktop or in your Windows Programs list.

Open it. Click the File tab, and then click Add Account.

Type your name, then enter your GoDaddy Office 365 email address.

Now enter your password for that address, and enter it again to be sure it’s right. Click Next.

The configuration process will start; it may take a minute or so.

Next, a Windows Security dialog box will display. To connect to the mail server for your GoDaddy Office 365 email account, enter your password.

To store your username and password in the Windows Credential Manager, select the “Remember my credentials” checkbox.

If you do not select this checkbox, you will be asked to enter your password each time you start Outlook. Click OK.

Congratulations! Your GoDaddy Office 365 email account is now configured for use with MS Outlook 2016!

To exit the set up wizard, click Finish.

That’s it! Now just open your Outlook 2016 email client and you’re good to go!


IN DECEMBER 2017 I PAID GO DADDY DOMAIN BUY for openInvent.com for which I own the trademark. Circa January the domain was set to expire. It was later transferred to another registrar see wayback internet. Now openInvent states it was registered in 1970 and way back internet is having problems loading snapshots. Meanwhile I was ripped off by godaddy for DOMAIN BUY and BACKORDER services.

Additionally, the hyphenated version has been registered since before the unhyphenated version. open-invent.com has been registered before I was aware that hypens were registrable in Top Level Domains (TLDs)

GoDaddy Reseller Program 2017 Highlights

Review what’s new in the GoDaddy Reseller Program. Highlights include updated storefronts, page design, product availability, and even a new help center, giving your customers a unique and improved buying experience. Learn more about the GoDaddy Reseller Program here: http://GoDaddy.in/Reseller.

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Hi. Welcome to the 2017 Reseller Program Highlights video.

This past year brought a renewed focus on the reseller program, which has long been a part of GoDaddy’s business. The program needed some attention to really take it to the next level, so we went to work!

And it was a collaborative effort: 2017 introduced a new level of joining forces between the reseller team and several product and platform teams to deliver significant features and upgrades…

Here’s an overview of what we’ve accomplished. Let’s roll the highlight reel!

Our pre-built storefront didn’t work for all of our resellers. We needed to provide a more advanced solution, so we built APIs and a WordPress Plugin that allowed our resellers to set up their own custom storefront. We provided them with the technical functionality to easily fetch the product catalog, pricing, and product details, enabling them to put together a unique buying experience for their customers.

Another thing we improved in 2017 was the design of the My Products page. Resellers’ customers now see the updated cleaner and simpler look that GoDaddy’s customers have already enjoyed for a while. It’s easier to navigate and, quite frankly, it just looks better!

We also upgraded the Help Center experience. As of 2017, API and Turnkey resellers and their customers can take advantage of GoDaddy’s Help Center 2.0.
This much-improved Help Center will assist resellers’ customers in finding what they need, as well as our API partners who want to use our help center.

We didn’t just step up the help center itself; as part of this update, we also fixed a problem where the GoDaddy brand was showing up in articles and thus interfering with the fully-white-label experience we are promising.

As part of the EMEA integration it became clear that we needed to provide a better and more uniform end customer experience where our partners’ branding shows up across the site. No more dramatic differences between page designs – we needed to build an experience where it’s clear to customers that they are on the same site. This has been feedback from all of our resellers so when we built a solution, we made sure everyone benefitted from it.

In partnering with the UXCore team, we found that by doing integration with UXCore2, all products using it will bring in reseller’s color palettes, fonts, and logo automatically.

The default “reseller blue” color scheme has now been replaced with the reseller’s selected color palette reflecting their brand. This means that the customer’s own branding, including logo, fonts and color palette, will now be seen in Help center, the My Products page, and all other products/customer experiences that use UXCore2.
As teams complete their work to use UXCore2, the end customer’s experience will continue to improve. Ultimately, they will see the updated branding end-to-end.

Sucuri website security is now available for our resellers to sell. The product is co-labeled between the reseller’s brand and Sucuri, ensuring that the GoDaddy name doesn’t show up.

All plans now include automatic delegation into customer accounts from the Reseller Control Center. This allows resellers to support their customers, manage products and, if the customer grants them access, shop on their customers’ behalf.

The last 2017 upgrade we want to highlight is the introduction of a new, improved and – yes – cool storefront, which, to begin with, replaces the old mobile storefront. But work on the new one is continuing and we are planning launches for desktop at the end of Q1. This will include internationalization, a first for the reseller program.

So yeah: We took some giants steps with reseller program in 2017. But we’re not sitting on our hands – we have lots of great things on tap for our resellers in 2018.

These are some of the highlights of what’s in store for our resellers this year:


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Bienevenidos a este tutorial de wordpress donde los enseñare a instalar wordpress bien detallado paso a paso donde estoy seguro que no tendras dificultades para hacer tus instalaciones tambien tu de tu proyecto web.

Si aun asi tienes algunas dificultades o problemas con las instalaciones vea a nuestros datos de contacto y comunicate con nosotros Saludos cordiales de Frank Hinojosa de

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