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Learn how to execute a website backup using cPanel for your web hosting account. For more details on backing up a website, see these instructions:

To view instructions for website backups in Plesk, visit:

To learn more about Site Backups from GoDaddy, visit:

Hi there! In this video, you learn how to create a backup of your website using the hosting platform, cPanel.

You’ve got a great looking website that you’ve put a ton of time and energy into; don’t risk losing it.

If you have a website, it’s imperative you regularly back up your site – that means saving a copy of all your website’s files in a secondary location.

When using the cPanel platform with GoDaddy hosting, you can back up your website manually, through the cPanel dashboard or automatically by purchasing Site Backups from GoDaddy.

In this video, we show you how to manually back up your website using the cPanel dashboard.

If you’re using another hosting platform, or you’d like to learn more about automatic backups, using GoDaddy’s Site Backups solution, please see the links below this video.

On your Accounts page, next to Web Hosting, click Manage.

On the Hosting Accounts page, find the domain that you want to create a website backup for and click Manage.

On your cPanel dashboard in the Files area, click Backup.

Under Partial Backups, locate Download a Home Directory Backup and click Home Directory.

The cPanel platform creates a zip file of your website’s home directory and downloads the file to your computer. Often the zip file will be visible in the bottom of the browser window; however, if you don’t see the file right away, check the downloads folder on your computer.

If you have any databases attached to your website, your website backup is not complete unless you create a separate back up of the attached databases.

To create a backup of a database, under Download a MySQL Database Backup, click the name of the database.

The cPanel platform creates a zip file of your MySQL database and downloads the file to your computer. As with your home directory backup file, if you don’t see the file right away, check the downloads folder on your computer.

That’s it!

Before we wrap up though, one tip:
You might think we’re being paranoid, but if you’re backing up your website to a personal computer, we humbly suggest that you save a copy of your website backup to a second location like a removable hard drive.

Three locations? Probably seems like overkill, but just in case…

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Associate YouTube Channel To GoDaddy Website – GoDaddy Domain Verification – 2017 – Associate YouTube Channel To GoDaddy Website – GoDaddy Domain Verification – 2017

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Configurar Domínio GoDaddy para Blogger ou Blogspot (2014 – 2017)

Configurar Domínio Godaddy para o Blogger ou Blogspot de forma rápida e fácil.

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New Google Sites 2017 Godaddy Domain Verification Setup Nightmare Solved!

I had a nightmare figuring this out. Now for $10 you can make a nice free hosted at Google site with a custom domain…

I had a problem with this at Godaddy asking for the domain to be verified..

You have not verified domain ownership with Google, please follow these instructions…

New 2017 Google Sites are only for those with G Admin Suite access $
So use the Old one for now.

You need to go to

Hit + and add your domain and verify there…

GoDaddy Email Forwarding – How To Set Up Email Forwarding Using GoDaddy

GoDaddy Email Forwarding – How To Set Up Email Forwarding Using GoDaddy

In this video I will be talking to you about godaddy email forwarding and how to set it up properly….

Do you understand how to setup godaddy email forwarding?
This video shows how to set up email forwarding using godaddy the video shows forwarding to a gmail account and also how to set up a professional email address.

Godaddy Email Forwarding can be easy if you pay close attention to what I will show you in this video on how to forward domain email address from godaddy.

Godaddy Email Forwarding – hey guys, check out this tutorial on how to forward emails from your domain name to your free email accounts like gmail and also, find out why it can increase your email deliverability.

Here is a neat little way to brand yourself if you are an internet marketer in “how to create domain email to forward to gmail in godaddy” use this new method to create a professional email for free.

GoDaddy Email Forwarding


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Comprar Dominios con descuento en Godaddy COLOMBIA. (varias veces)

Comprar Dominios con descuento en Godaddy COLOMBIA. (varias veces)

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