Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2019 (Top 5)

Want to know what’s the best Web hosting for your wordpress blog or website in 2019?
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In today’s video I’m going over the top 5 best web hosts for your wordpress blog or website.

We’re going to be comparing features, speeds and my personal opinion on which hosts are best for your site in 2019 and onwards.

Leave a comment below letting me know your opinions on which web hosting you use and if you think my top 5 list is accurate!


  1. Hi i had wordpress hosted by go daddy the problem i had was they dont support smtp. Whenever i sent email from my contact form 7 the email was sent to the junk folder or spam. Can you please tell me which hosting company is best for smtp support

  2. I think this website is very good for wordpres, the truth is that I did not know it and thanks to you now I know it, thanks friend, you helped me a lot

  3. I made a new WordPress website last week. I was using free web hosting. But Now after this wonderful and informative Review, I am moving on to Bluehost. Ty.

  4. really appreciate these suggestions for WordPress web host. your explanation was clear to follow. also, thanks for discount link.

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