Amazon EC2 Free Hosting Setup for PHP and MySQL

Amazon EC2 Free Hosting Setup for PHP and MySQL


  1. sir i have created a simple php application which will show some data from mysql database when someone search with phone number. i want to host it in aws so that i can load it in my webview app. i found this video. will following steps in this video make my project done ? if there is any other solution please suggest me sir?

  2. Thank you very much for this simple and straightforward tutorial. I was running all over the AWS documentation but your video saved much of my time.

    Best wishes.

  3. It's great. Actually I have a trouble in modifying the conf file. I am unable to get that location match part of code in that conf file. currently this is php7 module. Is It strictly required to create elastic IP's?? Could u please help me as fast as possible?

  4. Thank for tutorial,
    can you provide how to run multiple websites on one ec2 instance.
    i have setup the ec2 as your tutorial

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