A2 Hosting Review: Are They Worth Your Time & Money? Performance Tests [2019]

I’ve bought the most expensive A2 TURBO plan. And ran performance tests to determine how fast A2 Hosting is. Let’s see if A2 Hosting is the right choice for you!
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There’s no concrete information why some users had downtime for almost a month. The explanation about the “hack” I give in this video is pieced from several sources that might not be 100% accurate. It was an important event that I didn’t want to leave out from this review and I tried to explain it the best that I could.

Time Table

A2 Hosting WordPress Installation 00:25
Performance 00:58
A2 Hosting Hack 2:55
Price 4:30
Features 7:00
Turbo Optimization Test 8:15
Support 9:38
Conclusion – 10:00

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This A2 hosting review focuses on analyzing how well the A2 Turbo plans perform compared to cheaper options from other providers. I’ll also talk about A2 hosting pricing, features and support.

A2 hosting speed comes from their use of SSD storage based servers.

They also include a basic version of Cloudflare CDN with every plan. And if you’re creating a website using their TURBO plan you get access to their WordPress A2 Optimized installer.

I’ve monitored the stability of my TURBO website for 10 days. My website was offline for only 7 minutes during this period.

My A2 hosting website loaded in just 0.8 seconds. That’s much faster than the standard 1s – 1.4s loading speed with the standard WordPress installation with other web hosting providers.

To keep this A2 hosting review fair I’ve also monitored their international speed. And the only significant slowdown happens in Singapore and Bangalore. But most other hosting providers struggle in those areas as well. Especially if the data servers are located in the U.S.


A2 hosting is on the cheaper side of the spectrum when it comes to pricing. And with the excellent performance that they’re offering it’s definitely a great choice for anyone who’s looking to switch web hosting providers.

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It’s also worth noting that even with the cheapest shared hosting plan, A2 Hosting is compatible with eCommerce. So, they’re a great budget option if you’re looking to start an eCommerce business.

If you’re thinking of switching from other web hosting providers to A2 hosting. They do offer free website transfers with every plan. This feature is extremely helpful as you want website transfers to be completed by experts. Minimizing the risk of something going wrong.

And one of my personal favorites from A2 hosting is their flexible refund policy. You’re able to get a refund for unused time on your plans anytime you want.


A2 Hosting offers email, chat and phone support options. Email support in my tests took around 10 hours to respond.

Chat support depends on which department you’re contacting. While sales is usually the fastest one to respond. I had to wait around 5 minutes to get some technical questions answered by the tech department.

I had no need to contact the A2 phone support as I got all of my issues resolved by the other 2 options. And I believe that phone support isn’t very effective time-wise anyways.


Overall, after finishing my A2 hosting review. I still stand by them. A2 hosting is a great web hosting provider that has the most potential to shine when you’re transferring websites or hosting large projects. Their emphasis on speed really showed during the tests results and the prices are in-line with other major providers.

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