5. Setup G Suite MX Records with Godaddy to receive emails

In the last videos, we verified our Godaddy domain to G suite, and then we created required users and groups.

now we are all set to point our emails to G Suite, so our newly created users should start receiving their emails in their G Suite mailboxes.

We will do that in this video by point our Mail Exchanger (MX) Records to G Suite mail servers.

Goldy Arora
G Suite Certified Consultant


  1. Great video! Thank you so much! Because of this video, I was able to setup my gmail suite emails correctly.

  2. I've been using Google Apps mail service since years but recently after changing my webhost, its not receiving all mails properly (I've updated MX records under new host) Does it require any other settings too?

  3. I have watched your all videos to setup gmail and it is really awesome, very well explained and very easy thanks a lot 🙂

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