3. G Suite Setup – G Suite Domain Verification with Godaddy

In the last video, we signed up for G Suite with our Godaddy domain, in this video we’ll take our setup further and will verify our Godaddy domain to G Suite (Google), so Google allows us to start using G Suite services like Gmail, Google Drive, hangouts etc.

Goldy Arora
G Suite Certified Consultant


  1. But you can’t make your domain (your website) if you don’t have an email, so you can’t make either without the other. Right? This is complicated lol

  2. How do I check my Google verification code if want to add the TXT records later stage
    My TXT records are removed from my domain records, so how do I get it again

  3. OMG thank you! I was getting the run around with google articles none of which were helpful. Officially verified thanks to you!

  4. I bought my domain through Gsuite hosted with GoDaddy so the opposite to what is shown in the video – do you have video showing how to do it that way

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