1. Hosting a website on AWS with S3, CloudFront and Route53

This is a step by step guide to hosting a static website on AWS with Amazon S3, CloudFront, Route53 and Certificate Manager.

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  1. This is a great video. I was having trouble setting up SSL, but it was because i connected route 53 to s3 instead of 53 -> cloudfront -> s3. Thanks a lot! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for this great video. My website is hosted on SiteGround. Can I use AWS CF in this case?. How do I configure it?

  3. If I follow all the tutorial, than delete everything, will I be charged ? , you mention when you created the hosted zone that you will delete it to not be charged, how to delete it ? and should we delete S3 and CloudFront too to not to be charged ? Thanks

  4. I am an absolute beginner to AWS and this was so helpful for me. Thanks for the wonderful video. Keep up with the good work 🙂

  5. Hey, thanks for the video. I have 1 issue I don't know how to deal with: I cannot choose the option of Custom SSL certificate…It's not clickable.. do you know why that is?

  6. Great video…i was looking for a video like this…I have practice free AWS account. How much cost involved to practice this project?

  7. hey, great video. But i have a problem. I have a php contact form for my static website and S3 bucket doesn't recognize my contact.php and even when i put my php tags in html(contact.html) it still doesn't work. How can i solve this problem without using EC2 ?

  8. Hi Manoj, why was CNAME's addition into Route 53 record set required? Anyhow we had A record pointing to CFront right? Can you pls clarify?

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