🤼🤼Hostgator vs GoDaddy Review of 2019!🤼🤼

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Looking for 2019’s best Hostgator vs GoDaddy Review? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this video I’ll explain what I like about Hostgator and GoDaddy , whether its uptime claim of 100% is accurate or not, and I’ll give you a walkthrough of my Hostgator and GoDaddy account so you can see how it looks without needing to set up an account yourself.


  1. I have saw so many good videos recently, i almost ake a popcorn while i watch your videos, all good and very informative.

  2. I appreciate the fact that you are using your own accounts to make a perfectly clear demo to potential users. Plus the discounts that come along via the provided links are worth it

  3. I'm in the opinion I think the hostter is the best
    Thank you my friend for this review I have benefited greatly from this information

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  7. Good Video, brother! I think that Hostgator would be a better page, but good comparison, you took into account every detail! (Y)

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