Siteground Review – A Look In Their Plans, Web Speeds, and Performance Benchmarks

In this in-depth Siteground Review, we go over their hosting plans, website speeds, and performance benchmarks that their hosted sites put out

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If you have a really heavily-visited or resource-intensive website then the GoGeek plan is your best option. The GoGeek customers are hosted on instances, where fewer users share the server resources. Additionally, this plan is great for average-sized e-commerce websites because it can accommodate a much larger product line and also includes server PCI compliance!

Best Customer Review on Web Hosting

Best Web hosting Reviews and Ratings Another happy customer that use first-class top hosting service. also see
What is webhosting reviews? Well, if you are interested in creating a website for personal or commercial use, you need to know what to look for when choosing a web hosting service. There are many providers that offer this service with a selection of plans with varying costs. It is important to know some of the differences that you need to look for before selecting a service and understand what is being offered to you. Read on to learn what is web host review hopefully will aid in making the selection an easy one.

Knowing the difference between web hosting platforms is your first step to making the right choice when signing up for a service. Some systems are Linux based platforms while others are Windows based. Linux is by far, the cheaper platform and it is open source making it a favorite with site builders. Windows obviously would be far more capable when it comes to desiring a platform that covers the gamut of site capabilities however it is the more expensive of the two.

Choosing a plan that fits your budget is a must for any beginning web based entrepreneur. You may have big dreams but when first choosing a host you need to be realistic. Purchasing a top of the line plan with all the perks is ridiculous as the costs will eat you alive. Choose a plan that provides the services you desire such as real time stats, a simple way to edit your site, little downtime and enough bandwidth and storage to not only get the site up and going but leave room for growth.

Choosing a web hosting service that allows you the control you wish to have is a must. You want to be able to access statistics and have the ability to update and add pages anytime you wish. This may seem like something you shouldn’t be concerned with but there are some hosting sites that limit the number of pages as well as content that can be placed on the page. They may also deny you access to traffic statistics which is detrimental in optimizing your site for search engines. You need to maintain control of operating your site and choosing a company that allows you that freedom is imperative to your success.

Make sure the service company is reliable and offers excellent customer service in case you need assistance. These tips will help you choose a site that fits your budget and needs without paying for items you’ll never use or paying for a service that doesn’t offer enough.

Other top web serverhost reviews site that you can trust is one of the best review sites listed.

One of the best hosting company and service provider is they provide great webhosting packages and service read there review.
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TMDHosting Review – More reviews can be found here! – Use Coupon Code HostingWorthHaving5 for 5% off!

My favorite web hosting company is called TMD Hosting. TMDHosting is an awesome web hosting provider that I highly recommend checking out, and more importantly using going forward. If you’re anything like me you’re sick of a lot of the hosting services out there that give you bad support and overcharge you. TMDHosting is the unicorn that you’ve probably be searching for! They have a wide variety of services to fit just about anyone’s needs. They also provide answers to your questions in a matter of seconds (not hours or days). Their website speed is awesome because of their data centers as well as their awesome SSD quality. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better hosting company!

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How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED!

Learn how to make a website with GoDaddy! In this video I show you how to register a domain name then create a business website on it using the same software as Tim Ferris, Zoella, and Katy Perry. This is the updated version of our 2017 GoDaddy website tutorial that helped over 1000 people get started and you can too.

Build a website for your friend or fam as a gift. Enjoy!



(Here’s everything you can learn here — Jump around!)

Introduction 00:00:00
Website Tour 00:00:45

Step 1: Register Domain
Begin 11:36
Domain Strategies 12:36
Costs 16:20
Complete Order 19:17

Why It’s Important to Keep Domain & Hosting Separate 22:49
What Your Site Looks Like with Only a Domain 26:37

Step 2: Get Hosting
Begin 27:37
Easy Hosting Order Form 30:24
Costs 31:08
Get a Discount 32:21
Complete Order 35:14

Connect Domain & Hosting 35:56 (Every new website must do this)

Step 3: Install WordPress
Begin (in your email) 39:06
Login to Customer Portal 39:15
Visit QuickInstall 40:08
Costs (JK it’s free)
Installation 41:03
Break Time 43:39

Web Design DIY (Without the Expensive Web Developer!)

Login to WordPress 44:05
Dashboard Tour 45:49
Learn Plugins 49:20
Install Free Website Theme 51:43
Add Demo Content 53:48
Cleanup Sidebar 56:03
Create Homepage and Blog 57:18
Create Blog Posts 1:00:04
Create Pages 1:14:48
Setup Slider 1:20:11
Add Menu 1:21:38
Setup Featured Content 1:24:38
Social Media Buttons 1:30:53
Facebook Like Box 1:34:00
Make a Logo 1:37:21
Write Beginner CSS 1:43:32
Get Icons 1:45:16
Remove Header Image 1:55:08
Add Map 1:58:01
Create Contact Form 1:59:00
Testimonials 2:02:46
Footer 2:13:01
Edit Footer Copyright 2:19:22
Make Website Faster 2:26:20
Setup Google Analytics 2:30:51
Congratulations! Freedom!!! 2:35:30

Why many users like to keep their domains and hosting separate:

There you have it folks! After you create a GoDaddy wordpress website feel free to browse the channel for more wordpress website tutorials to help you build a website, create a blog, monetize with ads, make money with online marketing, write guest posts, rank in Google, fix common issues, learn code, edit your homepage (we have a lot of videos) and generally really learn how to use WordPress to your advantage.

Cheers and Happy New Years Everyone!! Best option is stay in and make a business website with me lol but seriously I’ll be right here in this chair if Leroy doesn’t steal it.


How To Setup Domain and Hosting with GoDaddy – GoDaddy Hosting 2017 – How To Setup Domain and Hosting with GoDaddy – GoDaddy Hosting 2017

Setting up a domain and hosting on GoDaddy is simple if someone provides step by step directions. Well, I’m here to guide you through this process today so let’s get started.


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How to Get the Cheapest Web Hosting Using NameCheap Hindi Tutorial

How to Get the Cheapest Web Hosting Using NameCheap Hindi Tutorial
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How to Install Magento 2 (2.1.8) CE on GoDaddy’s Ultimate Web Hosting | cPanel | 2017

Guys, Before installing Magento 2, You must update PHP CLI version. Follow the video tutorial below.
Also, Clone your PHP.INI file into Magento root directory.

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Magento is an e-commerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

Magento 2.1.8 CE Download
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How to configure godaddy email on outlook 2017

How to configure Godaddy Email on Outlook

1.Open Outlook.
2.Click File.
3.Under Info, click Add Account.
4.Select Manual setup or additional server types, and then click Next.
5.Select POP or IMAP, and then click Next.
6.Complete the following fields
Your Name What you want your display name to be for this account
Email Address Your full Workspace email address
Account Type Select either POP3 or IMAP, depending on your account.

Incoming and Outgoing mail server Enter the server addresses

User Name Your full Workspace email address

Password Your Workspace email account password
Remember password Select this option
Require logon using Secure Password Authentication Deselect this option


7.Click More Settings…
8.Go to the Outgoing Server tab, My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication Select this option ,
Use same settings as my incoming mail server

9.Go to the Advanced tab, and complete the following fields:
Incoming server : 110 / 995 if SSL
Outgoing server (SMTP) 80 / 465 If SSL
Use the following type of encrypted connection= None

Server Timeouts: This selection is up to you.

Leave a copy of messages on the server:
if you want to keep your mail on server too then uncheck the option ,
if you want to remove your mail after few days then check this option and place number of day in the dropdown box ( 14 day )

10.Click OK.
11.In the Add Account window underneath, click Next.
12.Click Finish.

ipage coupon 2017 83% Discount great Offer

iPage Webhosting Review: web hosting was launched in 1998, but was not successful until 2009 when it was relaunched. After relaunch, iPage has experienced tremendous growth and success. It currently hosts over 1 million websites worldwide.

Features and comprehensive iPage Webhosting Review

Complete web hosting solution: iPage offers unlimited web hosting, a free domain name, web support, quality service, unlimited bandwidth, and round the clock support.

Free tools to design your website: iPage offers beginners an option of building their own websites from scratch using some rich templates and themes. You will be able to build your own great functional websites even without any prior experience in designing websites.

Easy and free installation of software such as blogs and photo gallery software: iPage offers very user friendly installation wizards for shopping carts, blogs and photo gallery software among others.

Unlimited number of email accounts which are accessible from anywhere in the world.

iPage offers a low cost web hosting service at $1.68 per month with plenty of great features. This is one of the very cheapest prices compared to other web hosts. It hosts lots of customers and is very reliable, with moderate speeds and is suitable for individuals and small firms operating on a budget.

Online store and selling tools: if you would like to sell anything from your new website, then iPage has the right tools for you. It offers shopping carts, Paypal integration, credit cards acceptance and catalogs featuring coupons and sale option.

Smooth ordering process and user friendly: after paying for the service, the accounts are ready for use within minutes. The account setup is foolproof and is very user friendly for those without any experience with websites.

iPage has a big team of trained customer support agents who will assist you with any web hosting problem. They will assist you through email, online chats and phone calls. Customer service is guaranteed with a money back guarantee at any time. After the first 30 days trial period, customers are able to claim a prorated refund if they are not satisfied with the service. This is very different from other web hosting firms which give money back guarantee for the first 30-45 days only.

Offers free marketing tools for your new website as well advertising credits for the major search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

You will also get free 1 GB cloud storage for your music, photos videos or files ensuring you have access to them from anywhere in the world.

Robust and secure web hosting: iPage utilizes secure pooled server network infrastructure, boosting the ability of any server to access any request in a short time. This improves server reliability and efficiency. It also improves the web page load time, reduces down times and improves backup redundancy. The network administrators monitor the web pages round the clock to ensure that they are up and running.

Other added features are a web hosting control panel and a website visitor traffic reporting. This helps you to know how popular your site is becoming. There is also free listing for your website business.

iPage is truly the best and cheapest web hosting service available in the world. There is no other web hosting firm with the same features and at such affordable rates.
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