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Learn how to Associate a YouTube Channel to a GoDaddy Website using Domain Verification and Google Webmaster Central.


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Best WordPress Hosting Review – 2017 | Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Best WordPress Hosting Review |

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best web hosting for WordPress overall We’ve listed best web hosting services you can safely use in 2017 and beyond
iWebsterr vs Justhost vs BlueHost vs Hostgator –

Who is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider in the UK
Therefore, we decided to make this article to tell you what is in our opinion the

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What is the best WordPress hosting

Best Website Hosting Review Summary 2017
3 best wordpress website hosting companies that include free ssl certificates.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress hosting sites that will give you

precisely what you need as a WordPress user, whether you’re creating the site or

you delegate the task to a freelancer

, best wordpress hosting,

Best WordPress Hosting 2016, Recommended best wordpress hosting 2016,

What is best wordpress hosting 2016
Featured Cheap Web Hosting Service Reviews: HostGator Web Hosting Review 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services get the best wordpress web hosting and best web hosting companies in 2016 here.
Best Web Hosting 2017 loved by customers envied by the competition up to 20X

faster unlimited resources performance WordPress
how to choose the best hosting for wordpress: shared vs.

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best wordpress website creation and hosting system with affiliate marketing!
learn how to choose the best wordpress hosting service in 2017..

top 3 best web hosting for wordpress (2016).

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list of best wordpress hosting and their full review links :.
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best host for wordpress site.
2017 | best web hosting for wordpress | who has the best wordpress hosting.

Wix Review: See the Pros and Cons in This Video

To try Wix for free, click here:
Find a more detailed Wix review here:

Wix is the biggest website builder out there, used by more than 100m creators. But is it any good? This video shows you the strengths and weaknesses of the Wix website builder.

0:26 Pricing
0:41 Example Website
0:59 Editor
1:29 Adding a blog
1:50 Wix App Market
2:03 SEO settings
2:43 Preview Mobile Website
2:57 Conclusion – Pros and Cons

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Siteground Hosting Review – My Choice for Web Hosting

In this video I show you why I personally use Siteground Website hosting for my WordPress blogs. Visit my Blog to see a detailed review and to download my Web Hosting Resource Guide.

Siteground Review on my Blog:

Check out Siteground now:

YouTube Video:

– Siteground Review
– Siteground Hosting
– Siteground Hosting Review
– Siteground Hosting Review 2017
– Siteground Web Hosting
– Siteground Web Hosting Review
– Siteground Web Hosting Review 2017

4-Minute Shopify Setup – How to Set Up an Online Store Fast

You can sign up for shopify here

Get Your Free Online Store Success Pack Here:

In this video I’m going to set up a complete Shopify store in just four minutes seriously just four minutes I’m gonna have a little timer down over here we’re gonna count it down now at the end after I’m done setting up the store. So basically in four minutes of a usable store but after that we’re gonna spend a little bit of time doing an overview of Shopify and showing you how you can enhance your store because it’s one thing to have a store that works it’s another thing to have a store that people want to buy from but this is the amazing thing and this is why I promote Shopify and I love Shopify is it. So easy to use literally what other platform can you set up a store in just four minutes. So let’s get started with that I obviously I have an offer as well on Shopify if you’re interested in Java file I’ll talk about later in the video but let’s get started and let’s set up a Shopify store in just four minutes the first step if you want to start an online store you can go to Shopify this whole if you go to this link it’s my link it’ll give you a free -day trial of Shopify plus have used my link to sign up I will give you a free -minute one-on-one consultation of course you can just go to Shopify calm if you don’t want to do that. So I’m gonna go here the link is also up in this right-hand corner if you want to take advantage of that -day free trial plus a -minute consultation. So once you get here let’s start the timer you’re gonna enter your email. So I’m just going to enter it’s gonna ask you some different stuff just this stuff isn’t that important. So I’m gonna put performance nut butter store create your store all right. So sit tight while they’re creating the store. So the nothing you can really do right now it’s just a waiting game let’s see yeah okay stores ready to go they just gonna ask for a few more information this isn’t important you can put whatever you want I’m just gonna choose Amazon next and this stuff is important I’ll put my name oops and I’ll blur this part out or I can just make up some stuff I’ll write enter my store. So this takes a second boom we have a store. So not quite done yet we’re gonna still have to create our first product which is what I recommend doing first. So let’s go add product and my first product is obviously gonna be performance nut butter and I’m just gonna copy over all this data from the Kickstarter page. So this doesn’t count in my time because it’s it’s just I already had this information. So it’s pretty easy to do. So let me just show you and this is probably the longest part of setting up your store if you don’t already have this information I’d recommend just sitting down and writing down whatever I have a lot of information as you can see but you don’t need that much you can have it a lot shorter and I’ll show you later some ideas in this video on what you can do. So let’s go ahead and I’ll upload an image is well of it here I will do this as an image for the price I’m gonna say it is able it is $. And I always like doing a compare at price because the $. is the non-sale price we’ll go over later in this video this entire product page I just want to hurry up and get this done wait I know that that is and you can leave this blank if you if you’re not sure or just weigh your items I know it’s about ounces SKU you can leave that blank as well don’t track inventory you can leave all this blank don’t worry about any of this now this isn’t the optimal SEO but we can go over that later. So let’s go ahead and click Save product alright from here let’s click on online store. So let’s see what our store actually looks like. So right now this is been click here view this theme it comes up in a new tab right there. So this is what the product looks like and basically the stores ready to go right now and now it

Shopify vs Wix stores (2018 REVIEW)

►Create a Shopify store HERE: (14-day free trial)
►Create a Wix store HERE: (free)

Wondering where to go with Shopify or Wix to build your new store? Wix stores are typically rated far worse than Shopify stores but I’ve noticed that Wix has introduced a lot of new features in the last few years to make it a stronger competitor.

In this video I look at the apps, themes, cost, support and ease-of-use offered from both of the ecommerce platforms to see which is best.

Must Have Software:
►Send emails to your store/website’s visitors with AWeber: (30-day free trial)
►Create and sell online courses with Teachable HERE:
►Create proven sales pages for your sites with ClickFunnels HERE: (14-day free trial)

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►Rich Dad, Poor Dad –
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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Create An Online Shopify Store 2018

Follow Along Here! Shopify 14 Day Free Trial:

Want More Advanced Shopify Training? Check out our Academy Here:

Shopify review and shopify tutorial for beginners! Create a shopify store today!

Ever wanted to create your own online store? Well you’ve clicked on the right video. In this video I provide a step by step Shopify tutorial for beginners. This Shopify tutorial will guide you to having your own live E-commerce store ready to sell on within the hour!

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a very powerful online tool that helps to streamline the process of selling in your own online store. No programming required!

By the end of this Shopify review you will know how to…
– How to get a free professional theme for your Shopify store and install it right away
– How to customize your Shopify theme
– How to use Shopify’s card system to add your banking details so you can start selling right away
– How to use Shopify to add social media to your website
– How to add products to your Shopify store
– How to add a blog to your Shopify store

This Shopify Review is very easy to follow, a perfect Shopify tutorial for beginners 2018! You will know How to create an online store in minutes!

We at CasualEcommerce are here to help, so feel free to leave any questions you have below!

If you want to learn about shopify drop shipping, watch my video series I have on it! Here’s the link to part 1!

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Bluehost Coupon Code 2018 + Free Domain Name | 70% Off Bluehost Hosting

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Additionally, BlueHost’s WordPress hosting is officially recommended by the WordPress organization. There are only 3 hosting companies globally that have won this official recommendation from the WordPress organization.

Bluehost is part of the Endurance International Group. This parent company provides tools for hosting, marketing, and web design to over 5 million small businesses all over the world. You may have heard of some of the other popular partners of the Endurance International Group. These include HostGator, BigRock,, and Constant Contact.

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